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Title: Strike Force Heroes
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Category: Army War Games
Description: Strike Force Heroes is a war simulation game similar to Counter Strike or the multiplayer campaigns of games such as Quake or Half-Life. Strike Force Heroes, however, is much simpler with regards to animations and rendering, but it does not minimize the enjoyment that it could bring gamers any less.

The game is wrapped around an intricate storyline, and each level provides gamers with a chance to battle it out in a series of deathmatches against different teams in a variety of maps. Along the way, you will have allies, but there are bound to be many enemies, as well. As with CS, death pulls you out for the game temporarily, and you will be able to respawn with full health shortly thereafter.

Players also have the ability to play as different soldier classes, whether it be as a medic, tank, lesbian xxx assassin, or commando. Each have different statistics and specialties, and they could also be leveled up individually, allowing you to purchase more powerful weapons as well as have more skills that will improve their performance in the battlefield dramatically. Skills and weaponry can be purchased using cash, which you would earn automatically whenever you are able to perform a kill.

There are a lot of action and challenges within Strike Force Heroes. Good strategy is important in order to advance to each level, especially when difficulty modes are set to high. There are also hentai porn achievements, or medals, that players can try to reach, further increasing Strike Force Heroes’ playability and value.

Strike Force Heroes provides great action in different war zones. Comm buy levitra and your troops, act like a cohesive, and blast your opponents into oblivion using a wide variety of weapons. Play as your favorite class of soldier and destroy all enemies in site with this action packed, and free, online game.
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