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Title: Fist Punch
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Category: Action
Description: In Fist Punch, a side scrolling action game, Mordecai and Rigby are enjoying a cup of coffee with Margaret when she was abducted by Night Owl for his collection. It is now up to the porn cartoon unlikely duo to save Margaret from the Night Owl’s evil clutches through the ancient art of Death Kwan Do.

Players can play through the game through single or co-op modes as they control either Mordecai or Rigby in anthromorphized action against different types of henchmen across three different stages. The pair will be encountering waiters and numerous other evil henchmen who will stop at nothing to hinder you from saving Margaret. Of course, you’ve got Death Kwan Do on your side, and you can use your fighting prowess to clear the stage of any opposition that comes your way.

Aside from basic combos, you can perform a super attack that will clear a screen worth of enemies, and you can string along this combo for as long as possible until all enemies within range are cleared. Use this ability wisely, as it can come in really handy especially when gay movies faced with multiple enemies, or when encountering bosses at the end of each level.

Health items and extra cartoon porn lives can also be picked up, so always keep an eye out for those. Health can be depleted quite fast, especially during boss battles, so it is recommended that you also monitor your health meter closely so that you will not lose lives unnecessarily.

Fist Punch is a great game that is very easy to pick up and play. Play as Mordecai or Rigby as they go through three different stages of non-stop fighting action. Invite a friend over for some cartoon porn co-op play to double the fun. Save Margaret from Night Owl in this action packed adventure game that is free for everyone to play now.
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